Loft Conversions in East London - Welcome to iLoft Conversions

Our long-established team of experts have brought numerous loft conversions to life in East London. A loft conversion requires careful planning and execution and can become overwhelming to anyone unfamiliar with the undertaking. iLoft Conversions in East London strives to relay the details of the project in as simple and straightforward a manner as possible, with personal attention to your property’s and family’s needs. We commit to expert craftsmanship to ensure your investment benefits you into the long-term. We’re confident enough to guarantee all our projects.

The team behind Loft Conversions serves a wide array of clientele and has constructed projects of various scopes. We accommodate projects ranging from small to large, specialising in high-end loft conversions in the East London vicinity.

A loft that was converted into a modern design


iLoft Conversions in East London has been operating for just under a decade. Its founder has been in the industry of high-end loft conversions for over 20 years. Rather than offering a general building service, we have honed our talent for loft conversions, and seek to provide a neat and tailored experience with experts of the trade. All our loft conversion projects come with a 10 year warranty to ensure a secure investment.

10 Reasons To Choose iLoft Conversions:

Bespoke Loft Conversions

Tailor-made loft conversions best suited to your property’s dimensions and your family’s needs. Our experts will guide you through the planning stages specific to your infrastructure, and our team of loft conversion craftsman will keep you informed from start to finish. We value your input as we work to bring your vision to life.

Quality Project Management

iLoft Conversions in East London is composed of a diligent team of professionals, who adhere to the highest standard of building ethics. Every project must be carried out to the satisfaction of higher management as well as the client at hand, ensuring optimal quality control.

Adding More Space

Whether you’re expanding the family, renting part of your property out or simply require a new study, a loft conversion is the perfect way to maximise space on your property. It’s a cost-effective alternative to moving, and will even increase the value of your property for when you do decide to sell.