Drawings and Planning For a Loft Conversion In East London

There are a multitude of factors to consider when undertaking a loft conversion. The drawings and planning for your loft conversion will need to encompass legal permissions, building regulations, the lay of the land, the scale of the job, cost-effectiveness, the desired outcome and more. Majority of these factors are best left to an expert.

Drawings and Planning For a Loft Conversion In East London

Why are Loft Conversion Drawings and Planning Important?
Loft conversion drawings and planning help us to get on the same page about your vision for the project. They help us to pre-empt any problems that may arise during the construction process, and maneuver around these obstructions accordingly.
An architect will help you maximise the use of space, plotting a design that makes the most of your property’s layout, as well any views where applicable. This foresight will assist to make the most of your home’s long-term investment value.

Do You Provide Drawings and Planning?
iLoft Conversions works in conjunction with high-end architects in Leyton and throughout East London. We can incorporate into your quote the drawings and planning that will guide the outlay of your new loft conversion.

Can I Use My Own Architect?
If you are more familiar with your own
architect, and would like to use them for the drawings and planning of your loft conversion, iLoft Conversion will be more than happy to oblige. Our team will work alongside your architect to ensure a design of structural integrity.

Your loft conversion will require careful planning to manifest exactly as you had in mind. Working with experts will ensure every detail is accounted for.
iLoft Conversion and its associates offer tailored, specialised loft conversion in Leyton and throughout East London. Talk to us about your budget.

No part of your dwelling can, as a result of the works, exceed beyond the plane of any existing roof slope that fronts a highway (highways are an ill-defined term but include all public roads and most footpaths, bridleways and byways).Your loft cannot expand your dwelling beyond 40 cubic metres in the case of a terraced house, or 50 cubic metres in any other case (eg semi-detached house). If your planned loft conversion or house extension isn’t covered by permitted development, you will need to apply to council for planning permission. Absolute Lofts will make all applications to your local council on your behalf. You will have to pay a fee, which may vary depending on which local authority your property is in.

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