The Benefits of Loft Conversion

Residents in Straford, throughout East London, and throughout the UK, are rapidly recognising the value a loft conversion grants to their property. A loft conversion adds meaningful space to an old loft or attic, and is a more cost-effective solution to moving. The long-term value added to the household will often furthermore increase its resale value, making it an investment that only grows with time.

There are ample reasons for getting a loft conversion in Stratford or throughout East London, just some of which we’ve outlined below:

Increased Property Value
A loft conversion is a very appealing aspect to potential buyers. Not only does it add to the room count, but it adds an entire new level to the house’s structure. A one-storey house could become a two-storey house with a simple loft conversion. With a wide enough loft conversion, you could create a master bedroom and en suite bathroom out of your newly acquired space, increasing the bedroom count that many prospective buyers take into consideration.

Expand the Family
Having more children or having grandparents move in with you can leave the home feeling a little overcrowded. You could add a few new bedrooms to the current household, such as a nursery, in order to expand your family without having to consider new real estate.

Rent Out Spare Space
Added income is always appreciated, particularly when it streams in with minimal effort. Once you set up a spare room through a loft conversion, you may find yourself with surplus space, which you can then rent out to students or other individuals for additional revenue. You could choose to affix the staircase to your new loft to the outside of your home rather than the inside, enabling tenants to enter their rented space without entering your home.

More Cost-Effective than Moving
Before you evaluate the housing markets, take a moment to re-evaluate your current space. With the simple addition of a loft conversion, you may have all the room you need.

Gain New Rooms
You may wish to add a gym, entertainment room, hobby room, office, study, or other area to your household, without sacrificing any of the rooms that are already in use. Expanding upwards through a loft conversion is a perfect means to gaining these new rooms.

Gain a New Storage Area
Storage capacity is a problem in every household. A loft conversion may be the perfect means to acquire new space to store some of your unused assets.

Improve the Aesthetics of the Property
Apart from their functionality, a loft conversion often adds an alluring appeal to the exterior of your home. Not only is this of benefit to you and the people who live with you, but it is another attractive point for prospective buyers.

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