The Complete Guide to Loft Conversions In East London

Below is an overview of what you can expect from the Loft Conversion process.

Choosing a Loft Conversion Builder
A reputable loft conversion company can help you minimise costs and errors. They can also assist you comfortably through the process of loft conversion. It’s important to ensure the loft conversion builders you choose are an accredited company. This will mean they are presided over by one of the larger guilds who represent the best in the industry. You should furthermore view their online gallery to inspect previous projects, or otherwise request to visit sites where they have carried out past loft conversions. If you’re still uncertain, have a look at their loft conversion reviews to see what past clients had to say about their work ethic.

Planning Permission
Planning permission may or may not be necessary, depending on the type of property you own. Any loft conversion over 50 cubic centimetres will require planning permission. You will furthermore require planning permission if your loft conversion is to take place in an area with exceptional views or that is used for conservation.

Building Regulations
Building regulations are always required. You can acquire them by submitting your application to the Building Regulations authorities. Work on your loft conversion can commence as soon as they receive your application, but it is advised that you wait until you receive a response.

The cost for getting your loft converted ranges on rough average between £30 000 to £50 000. We can help provide a more tailored quote for your particular property based on a multitude of parameters, including the size of your loft, the desired design and end result, the number of rooms you hope to acquire, the type of home you own, the building regulations imposed on that home, as well as other installations, fittings, fixtures and attachments you’d like included.

Time Expectations
A standard loft conversion takes on average between 6 to 8 weeks to complete. This can differ depending on the home, size of the conversion and extent of the furnishings. Upon settling on a design, we will set a time frame and commit to it.

A good loft conversion building company will ensure your new space is equipped with adequate ventilation. Places of particular necessity include the roof and bathrooms, which are weak points for condensation.

Our team collaborates with leading plumbing teams in Leyton, East London and throughout the UK. We are therefore able to offer you this service in addition to building the loft conversion structure. Effective plumbing enables you to include en suite bathrooms, kitchenettes and more in your new living space. iLoft Conversion in Leyton and throughout East London will help you complete your loft conversion from start to finish, allowing you to start enjoying your new space right away.

Safety Exits
Fire safety is a key concern of building regulations and will affect loft conversion in Leyton and throughout East London. The law stipulates that every room in your home must have a fire alarm connected to the mains and fitted with a battery back-up system. Furthermore, your new loft conversion must have a fire safety exit in case of emergencies. This building regulation can easily be incorporated into the loft conversion drawings created in the planning stages. The new staircase we install to reach your loft conversion is usually designed to meet the fire safety criteria regardless, allowing this building regulation to slip seamlessly into the design. Our loft conversion specialists in Leyton and throughout East London can help you understand the safety exit requirements of the UK before the loft conversion building commences.

Fixings and Furnishings
After the shell of the loft conversion is complete, you will want to work on the finer details that bring the rooms to life. This will include an assortment of installations such as electrical work, plumbing, window frames and door frames, as well as the smaller touches such as interior design work, wall hangings and other appendages. iLoft Conversions in Leyton and throughout East London can incorporate the following installations and more into your loft conversion quote:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Tiles
  • Floorboards
  • Carpeting
  • Lighting
  • Electrical components
  • Plumbing
  • Bathroom installations
  • Kitchen installations
  • Guttering
  • Staircases
  • Plastering
  • Mirrors, paintings and other wall hangings
  • Any additional furniture such as beds, couches, chairs, tables and so on.

Party Walls
These are the walls between your property and that of a neighbour. For projects in Leyton, East London and throughout the UK, you will need to get the neighbour to sign an acknowledgement form before commencing your loft conversion. Please view our Party Walls page for a more comprehensive overview of party walls.

There are numerous benefits to getting your loft converted. These include added space, a potential increase in property value, added aesthetic appeal, a greater capacity for expanding the family, space to rent out to a tenant, and much more. See our Benefits page for more information.

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